The Stanley Parable

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The Stanley Parable is a free mod that is Developed and published by Cakebreak.

Released in July of this year, The Stanley Parable is a much talked about FPS experimental narrative-driven mod. Why? Because it’s so good.


The Stanley Parable is so good that the creators are remaking it to be bigger and better, less than a month after it was released.

You play as Stanley (No way!), you have no guns and you have only one goal, to journey through your story. Without giving too much away you’ll have to make choices and each choice will lead you to a different ending. With a total of six different endings this is a game that you can’t just play once, and you will want to play it more than once, simply because it’s so good.

The games all about the journey, not the destination.

You must play this. That’s all I can say. It’s free so download, install and then play it. Enjoy!



Enjoyable experience.

Wonderful voice acting.

A new and fresh take on the FPS genre.




Some low resolution textures

We want more!


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Pirates of Black Cove

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Pirates of Black Cove is an action real-time game developed by Nitro Games and published by Paradox Interactive.

Set in the 16th century when pirates roamed the Caribbean, Pirates of Black Cove sets you on a journey to earn fame and fortune on the high seas.

You start the game by selecting one of the three starting characters each with their own background story and play styles. From then on you complete missions for different factions, hire more shipmates, buy and subsequently upgrade ships.

Gameplay takes place both on land and at sea (Yarr!), the latter being much more exciting. Land battles are like a fairly standard RTS game. You attack units and buildings and use your characters special abilities to help out. It’s not particularly deep but it does add another dimension to the game. Sea battles are very similar to Sid Meier’s Pirates!. You move your ship around the ocean firing cannons and using special abilities to damage your opponent’s ship. It’s not bad but it could have been much more enjoyable if it borrowed some more features and gameplay mechanics from Sid Meier’s Pirates. Gameplay along with the story is also riddled with wacky humour from numerus pop culture references to collectable pirate inspired jokes.

Pirates of Black Cove isn’t a deep game but its humour and the boss battles make up for it. Check out the demo if you’re interested in Pirate games with lots of humour.



Bright and cheerful graphics

Funny at times

Open world.

Different unit types.



Not very deep.



  • Roam the open World with your Pirate crew and pick up missions as you sail the seas.
  • Notoriety and fame brings you closer to your ultimate goal: the King of All Pirates
  • Battle it out with rival pirates and nations on both land and sea
  • Experience life as a pirate through three campaigns and eras
  • Gather famous pirates to your crew, but be sure to keep them supplied with rum or they’ll side with your rivals
  • Select your character from several different Pirate Captains, each with their own unique skills and features!

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