Station 37 is a freeware fire fighting platformer game developed by FrankieSmileShow and Monster King.

Fires are raging in buildings throughout the city and it’s your job to rescue trapped civilians and earn extra money for better equipment. Well that’s what you’re led to believe. The game is super short and has a twist that you may either enjoy or hate (Most likely the latter).

Gameplay revolves around you cutting down doors, extinguishing fires and finding and then carrying survivors to safety. The controls are simple and easy to pick up.

The presentation and artwork is wonderful even for such a short game. Characters look simple yet stylish while being somewhat retro. Special effects such as the screen turning slightly red if you’re surrounded by fire and the interface being clean and informative (Water levels are represented by blue blocks), all make the game look and feel polished.

Station 37 is a short game that’s worth a look. The twist unfortunately felt more annoying than surprising. It’s still worth a try and it’s free too.

Graphically nice. OR Aesthetically pleasing
Gameplay was fun while it lasted.
Easy to use controls.

The twist didn’t hit the mark.

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