Gemini Rue is a point and click adventure game developed and published by Wadjet Eye Games.

You play as two protagonists, Delta 6 who has just had his memory erased and Azriel Odin an ex-assassin who is about to get involved in something more sinister than a mere meeting.

The world of Gemini Rue is a very cyberpunk vision of the future (Very much like the movie Blade Runner). The vision is fully realised with fantastic voice work and an interesting art design that also lets your imagination run wild. Each location feels like it could be a scene from a blockbuster movie as you traverse from location to location.

Unlike most other point and click games Gemini Rue also incorporates other features such as gun battles and the ability to control friendly NPCs. Perhaps most notable is the ability to switch from one character to the other on the fly.

Gemini Rue is a wonderful point and click adventure. It’s hard to explain a lot of the good things about the game without spoiling anything but in any case it’s a good game.


Fantastic Voice Acting


Engaging storyline.

Interesting Features.


Few bugs.

Some puzzles have a very strict time limit.

Can’t save in some situations

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