Station 37

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Station 37 is a freeware fire fighting platformer game developed by FrankieSmileShow and Monster King.

Fires are raging in buildings throughout the city and it’s your job to rescue trapped civilians and earn extra money for better equipment. Well that’s what you’re led to believe. The game is super short and has a twist that you may either enjoy or hate (Most likely the latter).

Gameplay revolves around you cutting down doors, extinguishing fires and finding and then carrying survivors to safety. The controls are simple and easy to pick up.

The presentation and artwork is wonderful even for such a short game. Characters look simple yet stylish while being somewhat retro. Special effects such as the screen turning slightly red if you’re surrounded by fire and the interface being clean and informative (Water levels are represented by blue blocks), all make the game look and feel polished.

Station 37 is a short game that’s worth a look. The twist unfortunately felt more annoying than surprising. It’s still worth a try and it’s free too.

Graphically nice. OR Aesthetically pleasing
Gameplay was fun while it lasted.
Easy to use controls.

The twist didn’t hit the mark.

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BIT.TRIP RUNNER is music/rhythm-platformer game developed and published by Gaijin Games.

Unforgiving, Challenging, Frustrating but stupidly addictive are but a few words to sum up this game. BIT.TRIP RUNNER is a retro style game for the modern age, featuring retro graphics, retro music and let’s not forget a retro difficulty that modern (casual) games seem to lack.

If you fail a note you are taken back to the start of the level. This can be a pain on the larger levels that can be several minutes long.

Now the game is hard but thanks to the awesome catchy tunes and the responsive controls you’ll be jumping, sliding, kicking and bouncing again and again to inch closer to the end of each level.

You control CommanderVideo as he tries to reach the end of each 2D platformer level while avoiding the many obstacles in his way.
Obstacles can only be avoided in one way, so in essence every obstruction represents a key to press. Each time you successfully avoid an obstacle, a music note is played. On top of that there are also collectables that if collected play an extra note or add a whole extra layer to the music.

With many levels and addictive gameplay BIT.TRIP RUNNER is one game that will keep your feet tapping for a long time.


Extremely addictive gameplay.
Nice retro music.


Stupidly hard at times.
No checkpoints.


• You control CommanderVideo as he runs, jumps, slides, kicks, and more!
• Extremely addictive “just one more time” gameplay!
• With exciting modern and retro challenges, you can run through more than 50 levels!
• Chiptune supergroup Anamanaguchi makes a guest appearance!

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Attack of the Paper Zombies

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Attack of the paper zombies is an RTS zombie game developed and published by Rock Bear Games.

Attack of the Paper Zombies is a simple RTS that gives you control of a squad of marines whose goal is the extermination of the zombies who’ve taken up residence nearby.

The graphics are a nice simplified hand drawn graphics that give the game a unique look and feel.

In order to eliminate the pesky zombies you must eliminate the zombie hives and capture their control points. To achieve this you are able to construct defensive buildings and equip you marines with specialised equipment. There are only two types of resources in game. The first are points that are gained from capturing or recapturing CP (Control points) the second is ammo that replenishes by itself and is used for special actions such as throwing grenades.

"Insert over 9000! Zombie joke here"

Controls are easy to use and will take no longer then ten minutes to come to terms with. Even though the game is easy to play there are many challenging missions in the campaign that you will face. Tactics play a very large part and blindly charging your troops in to capture a control point will often end in your defeat. However, if you capture a CP from the zombie horde they will fight back in vengeance with upgraded buildings, skills or new zombie types. The upgrading zombies may even nullify a specialised unit type or building so being prepared before capturing a CP from the zombies is a must.

Attack of the Paper Zombies is a wonderful game. While short it does provide a lot of variety as the tactical situations may change mid battle and force you to rethink your strategies. This is a free game you must try or at least take a look at.

Easy to play.
Provides a fun challenge at times.
Upgradeable zombies!

Not that many missions.
Sometimes too easy.

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Gemini Rue

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Gemini Rue is a point and click adventure game developed and published by Wadjet Eye Games.

You play as two protagonists, Delta 6 who has just had his memory erased and Azriel Odin an ex-assassin who is about to get involved in something more sinister than a mere meeting.

The world of Gemini Rue is a very cyberpunk vision of the future (Very much like the movie Blade Runner). The vision is fully realised with fantastic voice work and an interesting art design that also lets your imagination run wild. Each location feels like it could be a scene from a blockbuster movie as you traverse from location to location.

Unlike most other point and click games Gemini Rue also incorporates other features such as gun battles and the ability to control friendly NPCs. Perhaps most notable is the ability to switch from one character to the other on the fly.

Gemini Rue is a wonderful point and click adventure. It’s hard to explain a lot of the good things about the game without spoiling anything but in any case it’s a good game.


Fantastic Voice Acting


Engaging storyline.

Interesting Features.


Few bugs.

Some puzzles have a very strict time limit.

Can’t save in some situations

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