5. Kenshi

Said to be an open ended, squad-based strategy RPG. Kenshi looks interesting mainly because of the features it possesses. Characters you meet can be more powerful then your team. Some will be allies others enemies but all with an Intelligent AI that allows you to reason with characters and work together.

4. Sword of the Stars 2

Coming out later this year the sequel to the first Sword of the Stars is going to be a big one. With more races, more guns and basically more of everything we loved in Sword of the Stars.

3. Overgrowth

Overgrowth is the spiritual successor to Lugaru. Currently in Alpha and playable if you pre-order. Overgrowth looks like Lugaru but better in every way.

2. Starfarer

Sci-Fi fans rejoice! Starfarer is very similar to Gratuitous Space Battles but with direct control and interesting shield mechanics. Also the Alpha is playable if you pre -order.

1. Project Zomboid

A game that released it’s kick-starter program earlier this year that was faced with alot of problems (All resolved now). Project Zomboid looks like a zombie fans dream come true. Multiplayer, Advanced AI and a Zombie Director are all to be featured in the game. The pre release Alpha is currently playable if you pre-order now.

UPDATE: A public demo is now available.