Terraria is a action-packed adventure game developed by Re-Logic.

Dubbed “Minecraft 2D” by some, I’m here to set the record straight. This game isn’t Minecraft, nor is it a copy of Minecraft. It does however feature many similarities to the hugely popular game and is quite obviously inspired heavily by it.

Terraria is a game that balances action and exploration. Your character stats are all based on equipment and to get better equipment you must explore. Both aspects work in symmetry to one another so you are constantly doing one or the other and for the most part knowing what to do next.

You will come across many types of equipment, some more helpful than others but all of them fun to use.

During your expeditions you will encounter many of the different enemies from bouncing blobs to teleporting fire imps that throw fiery balls of death at you. Each enemy spawns in a certain biome of your randomly generated maps and are a good indication to the player of what tier they should be when they reach those areas. Every biome has a unique look and feel and there are a lot of areas to explore from floating islands to hell itself.

If only Mario was here.

Like Minecraft, Terraria also has multiplayer. You and up to seven other friends can climb into one world and join forces or if you like you can join opposing forces and wage epic war against one another. Multiplayer is exciting  and it’s fun trying to get everyone to level up their gear together while fighting the many hordes you come across, and collecting the fat loot they drop. The extra DPS and meat shields are also helpful with boss monsters.

Boss monsters are tough foes that are may randomly spawn or be summoned. These monsters are huge, not just  physically, but their health bars are just as large as the creatures themselves, metaphorically speaking. Bosses are tough and require good gear or a bunch of friends to take on. Once defeated they drop  lots of useful loot such as trinkets and raw materials  that can be used to make better arms and armour

Terraria is a must buy in my books. If you like Minecraft you will most likely like Terraria, even though  it is more action orientated. Also those who found the exploration in Minecraft somewhat dull or unexciting will probably adore the action elements Terraria has on offer.


Future content for FREE!

Lots of content to sink your teeth into.

Plenty of new things to discover.

A wide variety of weapons and armour.

Useful items to find. All of which are fun to use.


No server browser.

Can be a pain setting up multiplayer games.

Endless mobs attacking you gets annoying at times.

Key features:

  • Sandbox Play
  • Randomly generated worlds
  • Free Content Updates

For more information on Terraria go to  http://www.terraria.org/