Cave Story is a freeware platformer game developed by Diasuke Amaya.

Having been released in 2004, I have heard many things about Cave Story over the last few years and all of them are good. Now it’s finally my turn to contribute.. So what do I think? Read on to find out.

Cave Story begins with a silent protagonist who awakes in a dark, damp and dimly lit cave. You don’t know who you are or how you got there, but during your adventures you will slowly but surely find out more about this strange and wacky world you’ve come upon and your unknown past. Without giving too much away, you will be introduced to the friendly village of the Mimigas, from there you will get a basic understanding of the heroes and villains of this world. From beginning to end the story and gameplay will compel you to play more.

I wanna be a bird too!

Gameplay isn’t just like every other platformer. You get guns, lots of guns. There is a wide variety of weapons that each have their own unique properties and can be upgraded by collecting loot from fallen foes. You’ll feel spoilt with the amount of variety on offer. While blasting your way through the unfriendly caves you will come across chests that can increase your health. These will sometimes require tricky platforming skills to get, but the reward of more health is worth it, especially for the boss fights. Yes, there are boss fight. These can range from extremely easy to frustratingly hard. Exploiting the bosses attack patterns, using your weapons and the terrain to your advantage will be the key to victory. With tight controls the gameplay is a solid and smooth experience.

If you want the game in 3D,it’s soon coming to the 3DS for a price.

Cave Story is a wonderful game and I highly recommend it (especially since it’s free for PC). With interesting characters, weapons and story it’s a wonderful game to play. Go check out the link under this review and download it. It’s a must play.

Lots of guns.
Interesting characters.
Nice sound cues.
Many different areas to explore.
Tight controls.

Graphics aren’t all that appealing.

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