Tesla: The Weather Man is a Puzzle Platformer developed and published by Thoughtquake Studios.

First lets start off by saying no, you aren’t a weather man for a news station. What you are is a man called Nikola Tesla wielding the godly powers of lightning, levitation, rain, sun and snow as  you fight Thomas Edison and his army of robots.

I didn’t know he had an army of robots… did you?

Gameplay consists of using your powers to defeat those evil robots and solve puzzles blocking your way to the exit of the level (Which is oddly marked with a “Win” sign). While doing so you can collect gems to power up  your abilities. Unfortunately only a handful of the 36 upgradeable powers are useful and you will find yourself randomly clicking on a power to upgrade after the few useful ones.

Humour takes a large role in this game and this is evident from the beginning monologue. Unfortunately later on the humour doesn’t always hit the mark. This game definitely isn’t a game for hardcore platformers, it seems to be aimed at more casual gamers, or those new to the genre.

While consisting of 29 hand-painted levels the game is very short and lacks a lot of variety between levels. Most puzzles that hinder your progress aren’t all that hard to figure out and enemies can normally be taken out with a lighting strike at long distances.

While short, this unique take on the platformer genre could be a good starting point for those new to the genre, or to those who are looking for something a tad different.


Interesting Concept.


Upgradeable abilities and powers.




Some bugs.

Graphics aren’t all that great.

Not many animations.


  • Five mad science powers
  • Fully-voiced cutscenes and in-game tutorial
  • Research upgrades to your powers and other perks
  • Organic, hand-painted levels
  • Absurd comedy at its finest!

For more information about Tesla: The Weather Man go to http://www.thoughtquake.com/games/tesla