Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition is a game developed by Cyanide Studios and published by Focus Home Interactive.

Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition is all about brutal silly fun. Smashing your opponents to the ground and avoiding the same for your players, while also trying to get a ball to your goal line on the other side of the field is what you will be attempting and loving in Blood Bowl.

Blood Bowl is based off a board game and this is apparent  in the gameplay mechanics. Games can be played in a pause able RTS style manner called Blitz or in a turn base fashion called Classic. Each mode plays drastically different to one another and after a few rounds of both you will gravitate more to the one you like.

There’s a bunch of modes to play in, such as a “Story” mode in which you take control of a team in  Blood Bowl history and try to complete a set goals (There are twenty different races, each unique to one another). These goals range from passing a ball three times to throwing a player three times. Best of all you don’t have to win the match which gives you the opportunity to set your own goals while completing these tasks.

Campaign is another mode featured in BB which tasks you with creating a team and competing in the most prestigious tournaments for the fame and fortune. Like other sports games, a large part of your time is spent managing your team outside the arena. Though the management aspect is well developed and invaluable, it is not the focus of the game (Like it often is in other sports games). Everything you do outside the arena effects the performance of your players during matches. These can be as simple as levelling your players and recruiting new ones, to more complex tasks like  signing contracts and training. Everything comes together and makes your more attached to your team.


Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition also has a one off mode where you can play  a single tournament, a single skirmish mode or  the devilishly good multiplayer mode, which allows you to host a tournament across a LAN. Heck, they even jammed in a video viewer in which you can watch a random match of two AI teams clashing against one another.

Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition is a game jam packed with goodness. It doesn’t take itself seriously and  it’s so much the better for it. This game would be suited for everyone. It has easy to use controls, fun mechanics and pretty much everything else that any good game has.



Bloody good fun.

Easy to pick up and play.


Nice graphics.

Clobbering your opposition into submission.

Nice out of the arena gameplay mechanics.

Heaps of different races.



AI can be a bit dull at times.

Commentators can get annoying.


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