Fate of the World is a game developed and published by Red Redemption.

The year is 2020 and the Fate of the World is in your hands. Fate of the World is about solving crises that arise in your governing Nations. While solving these crises you’re also tasked with goals to accomplish before a set period of time expires to win. There are many different scenarios to play and each will have you in control of a different nation as they deal with issues such as climate change while trying to get their populous happy.

Gameplay in Fate of the World is played out like a card game. You have a deck of cards (each with their own cost) and only five can be played in each area of the world.

After each turn five years will pass and the cards you have put into play will take effect, sometimes for the better, but other times for the worse. In order to achieve victory you must pay attention to news casts about the areas you are governing. Listening to these will give you a good idea on what cards you should use and when you should use them.

Fate of the World is an interesting concept. While not being a contender for the best card game, it definitely isn’t boring in any sense to play and making people aware of climate change is always a win. I suggest people should at least check this game out, while not the most exciting game, the concept and message are most interesting.



  • Covers 2020 to 2200 – Two centuries years of possible futures
  • 12 regions – China, Europe, India, Japan, Latin America, Middle East, North America, Northern Africa, Oceania, Russia, South Asia, Southern Africa
  • Scientific Model – by Dr Myles Allen of Oxford University
  • Detailed real-world data – gathered over years of research
  • Over 100 major policies – including geoengineering, technological research, international aid, diplomacy, economics, emergency defences, species protection, forestry, health, energy choices, population, politics, and clandestine operations
  • More than 1,000 impacts – including storms, floods, heatwaves, flash fires, desertification, glacial melt, sea level rise, resource wars, drought, famine, dissidence, extinctions, epidemics, technological break-throughs, energy shortages, and political backlash
  • 50 signature animal species to save – against the backdrop of enormous biodiversity loss
  • 40 specific future technologies to develop – including nuclear fusion, biofuels, nanotech, robots, AI, smart grids, advanced medicine, synthetic food, and space exploration
  • 6 ‘tipping points’ – world-changing events such as the Amazon collapse and the Antarctic ice shelf collapse
  • 3D Earth globe – showing climate related changes with Earth ‘telemetry’ – visually graphing past and future change
  • Earth overlays – revealing local temperature change, devastation, and population


For more information on Fate of the World go to http://fateoftheworld.net/