Who’s that flying?! is a 2D shooter developed by Mediatonic and published by Kalypso Media Digital.

So who is that flying? It’s Earth. No not that Earth. It’s the protector of Earth named Earth. Mind blown yet? No? Good.

Earth (We just went through this) will shoot, rip and bash his way through mobs during his adventures in one of the three gameplay modes.  If an enemy gets past you, you lose all your progress on your three stage power meter which can unleash deadly attacks (further stages in the power metre are stronger) and Earth (the planet) loses one point of it’s 50 point health bar (if it reaches zero you lose).

The story is told via flashbacks as the guardian of Earth stands before the Galactic Council of Justice! The game is split into segments that contain three battles.  Each segment contains different enemies you must face which bring a nice variety to the gameplay. The third battle in each segment will contain a boss fight after which you will be greeted by humorous cut scenes that take place in the present.

WTF? (“Who’s that flying?” not the other WTF) is a wonderful game to play. The graphics and animations are smooth and controller support is also great. This is definitely a game suited more for casual gamers. Those who love those bullet hell games may get something from this game but will probably not like it as much as a casual gamer would.



Great animations.

Humorous cut scenes.

Gameplay is fun.

Variety of enemies.

Boss fights are exciting.



Some bugs (I got stuck in an infinite stun loop).



  • Story mode featuring 15 levels over 5 unique stages
  • 11 enemy types
  • 5 gigantic boss battles
  • 4 Infinite Mode Stages
  • 24 Challenge Mode Stages
  • 14 Bonus Magazine articles to unlock
  • 12 Glittering Awards to discover
  • 6 Dramatic Courtroom cutscenes
  • Steam Achievements, Global Leaderboards & Steam Cloud Support
  • Controller Support


For more information about Who’s that flying? Go to http://www.mediatonic.co.uk/.