Super Crate Box is a free platforming game developed by Vlambeer.

Knife to see you!

Boxes! Lots of Boxes! They are your points, so get as many as you can! That’s basically your aim in this game, but it’s not as easy to achieve as it sounds. A constant swarm of enemies will fall from the top of the screen to hinder your progress. Get hit once and its “Game Over”. To make it even harder for you, once two of the three enemy types (Big and tough / Small and weak) reach the bottom they will respawn as an angry version of themselves that are much faster and therefore more dangerous. Having too many of these angry foes running around will make your life a living hell, but you have your crates to help you deal with these nasties.

This game is all about replayability. Collecting crates will not only unlock weapons but will also unlock characters. Characters can only be unlocked if you meet a crate quota in a single round.

Crates contain weapons; more weapons can be unlocked by collecting more crates (Crate progress is saved when you died). There is a downside though, as each crate contains a random weapon. While unlocking more weapons generally means you’re better equipped, you may still come across a tiny weak pistol when you really need a rocket launcher.

Super Crate Box is a interesting game. It’s free and worth a try if you want to burn some time.




Fun weapons.

Interesting idea.

Graphics are nice.




Not much variety in gameplay.

Only 3 levels.

Crates can sometimes spawn under enemy spawn.


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