Lugaru is a game developed and published by Wolfire Games.

Lugaru is what you would get if you put Bunnies, Wolves and Chuck Norris into a blender (If Chuck Norris was blendable). Lugaru is all about kicking some bunny/wolf  butt using your bunny-fu. There are two modes you can do this in. First there’s a Campaign that tells the tale of Turner, a bunny rabbit seeking revenge on those who destroyed his village. The plot is pretty thin in the Campaign mode but it’s interesting enough. Once you’ve blasted through the campaign you can complete challenges in which you have to defeat all opponents in the most elegant way to get more points.

The main focus of Lugaru is “Combat”. Combat is extremely fun, although somewhat limited as there aren’t that many attacks you can perform. The attacks in the game however are fun to pull off and watch, they can range from a simple double handed melee attack to a wall jump turned into a roundhouse kick. Pulling each attack off is satisfying. Attacks won’t always land, enemies can use reversals and dodge around just like you can. Weapons also spice up the combat and are extremely useful if you know how to use them.

I should of been a cleaner like mom said.

With the sequel “Overgrowth” on it’s way, I’m very excited to see how that will turn out. If you haven’t already played Lugaru, I suggest you do.  If you love your fighting games, don’t let the fact that bunnies and wolves are the main characters in the game turn you off, because you will miss out on a great game.



Combat is fun.

Cuts and blood appear on wounded cute bunnies and wolves.

Interesting idea.

Fun and addictive.



Graphics aren’t that great even in the HD version.

Needs more attacks.



  • Streamlined Combat: Gone are the days of combo memorization and button mashing. Lugaru uses a context-sensitive combat system to put all the moves at your finger tips. It’s up to you to choose the right move at the right time and think your way through the fights.
  • Open-Ended Strategy: Each level presents you with an environment and a series of enemies. How you choose to defeat your adversaries is entirely up to you. Storm in from the front and fight everyone at once or ambush your foes one at a time with stealth attacks.
  • Ragdoll Physics: Not only does striking your enemies do damage, but so does colliding with the environment once you’ve knocked them off their feet. Nothing does more damage than a swift rabbit kick that sends the enemy hurtling into a stone wall.
  • Environmental Detail: Factors like wind direction and whether or not you remembered to clean the blood off your knife affect your ability to sneak up on the enemy undetected. Brutal AI: Enemies in Lugaru prefer unfair fights. Expect them to shout for back up, attack in groups, and exploit any superior weaponry they can find.
  • Moddability: Turning on Lugaru’s debug mode gives you access to the map editor so you can build your own levels, campaigns and mods. Debug mode also enables crazy cheats that allow players to fly, have infinite health, explode enemies’ heads and set themselves on fire further igniting anyone who comes too close.
  • New HD Textures: The original Lugaru has gotten a more modern, graphical makeover while still staying true to the game’s spirit. Special thanks to Tim Soret for his HD texture pack.


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