Limbo is a 2D platformer developed by Playdead.

Limbo is about a little boys journey through a strange and mysterious world. The atmosphere is truly amazing in this game, from the colour scheme, the background music, the impact value and even to the main protagonist animations.

You won’t see much colour in Limbo, as the palette is comprised entirely of black, white and grey. Don’t let this fool you. The charming retro nature of the game does well without any flashy colours.  If Limbo was about the atmosphere alone it would still be a good game, but what Limbo does that many other games fail to do is provide that emotional atmosphere and then crank it up to 10 by adding situations that really confront the player  (Using a dead child to solve a puzzle is emotional and shocking, but it also reinforces the nature that you yourself, a child, is in danger).

You cannot attack creatures; you can only use your wits and platformer skills to triumph over them.

You will need to employ strategy and quick reflexes to keep your defenceless character alive.  Solid responsive controls help you with the task but if you die, be prepared.

The little boy that could.

Deaths can range from drowning to being the afternoon snack for a neighbouring spider. Each death is slow and will leave an impact, pushing you forward so you don’t make the same mistake twice.

Limbo is an excellent game and I highly recommend playing it. If you’re unsure or just want a taste of the game, try the demo.



Excellent platformer.

Impressive environments.

Great atmosphere.



Only on Xbox.

Have to buy it with Microsoft points.

Too darn short (I want more).

Maybe a tad too expensive.


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