AI War: Fleet Command is a space RTS game developed and published by Arcen Games.

The main goal in AI War is to survive long enough to eventually find the AI cores hidden in the system and destroy them. Achieving this is a much harder task than it sounds.

The UI (User Interface) is well laid out and  lets you keep track of every resource income, the AI progression (The main one to look out for) and also existing and incoming threats to planets. There is also a quick selection for all your units and buildings on the right.

Scouting will be the main form of Intel and will tell you what units and structures are currently on the planet. Your Intel will be the deciding factor on where and when you should expand.

Initially, the AI aren’t too much of a challenge (There are  many AI personalities to choose from). It isn’t until you start expanding that the AI progression will start to go up (Something you don’t want). The once weak waves of ships will be replaced by larger and stronger waves and messages like this “12,000 ships heading to (insert planet name) in 3:00” will litter your screen.

Zerg Rush!

Worm holes separate planets from one another. Finding chokepoints is vital.

Keeping the AI progression value as low as possible will be your best chance for survival. This can be achieved by ignoring low level planets (Planets that have nothing of interest) and expanding to high level planets (Planets that have Advance research stations, Data centres, Advanced Factories and/or High level of resources).

Destroying Data centres will lower the AI progression, capturing an Advance research station will unlock a new ship and capturing an Advanced factory will allow for higher tier ships to be manufactured.

AI War throws tower defence game play into the mix. As your conquering planets with your fleets your planets will be left mostly unguarded (Apart from your  defence towers). There are a variety of towers to choose from, each have their own unique qualities that will help protect your planets. Stronger versions of existing towers can also be researched and built.

That's no moon!

Your fleet will consist of many different unit types and tiers. Each type of unit has a set unit cap within that tier e.g. unit cap for Mark I fighters may be 100 while Mark II may be 50 (Unit cap can be adjusted). Having a mix of units gives the game an even more strategic feel as units have their own strengths and weaknesses.

AI fleets will try their best to exploit your fleets weaknesses.

Arcen Games have done a fantastic job with AI War and there is so much content to play around with. Initially, the game feels a bit daunting as you are bombarded with a lot of information all at once, but once that hurdle is overcome the game will “Engage” you with it’s brilliant design and execution. If you are an RTS fan I suggest you look into this game, if you are new to the genre you may want to look at the video tutorials for more tips and tricks before you play.



CO-OP with friends.

Heaps of ships battling it out all at once.

Plenty of ship types.

Focused more on tactics then micromanagement.

The AI is amazing compared to the AI in other RTS games.

Background music gets your heart pumping.

More expansions are on the way!.



Not as visually appealing compared to other RTS games.

Hard to get into initially.




  • Space-based RTS, single player or up to 8 player co-op.
  • Powerful emergent AI that retreats, probes defenses, and surprises even veterans with intelligent tactics.
  • 30,000+ ships at a time on 10-120 simultaneous planetary battlefields.
  • Different Every Time: 16 billion procedural maps, each with specific units.
  • A focus on deep strategy with nearly no micromanagement.


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