“Survivor – The Living Dead” is a free zombie action game based on the early George Romero films. The game is developed by Radical Endeavors.

You are Amber Chaplin. Your brother has been bitten and you must hold back the zombie hordes in an old house for 7 minutes before rescue arrives.  In order to survive the gruelling 7 minutes you must use every resource within and surrounding the old house.

I'm not a human Happy Meal!

More weapons and longer survival modes can be unlocked.

Weapons are scattered throughout the house, some can be reached right away, others are locked away or stuck and need to be broken lose. Every weapon breaks or runs out of ammo.

Unfortunately, Amber isn’t a zombie killing machine so she has no unarmed skill of any sort. She has three stats to look after, these are: Health, Infection and Stamina.

I'm sure this will end well....

If your health drops to zero or your infection bar is full you automatically lose (The Infection bar will start to rise once bitten). Stamina on the other hand will drop as you sprint around the house and if it reaches zero Amber will fall down and drop her weapon (In a typical horror movie fashion), at this point you will have to mash a key to make Amber stand up.

Items can also be combined to make weapons.

This game requires a lot of strategy and it really feels like you’re trying to survive against a zombie horde. Survivor – The Living Dead is free and extremely addictive action game. If you’re a zombie fan try this game out, if not I suggest you still take a look into this title anyway.




Extremely addictive.

Heaps of unlocks!

Zombie smashing fun.



Frustrating at times.

Default key to mash to get up is shift (The sticky key).



  • • 15 unique weapons, as well as your own deadly innovations.
  • • 4 varying modes of gameplay each with its own difficulty. Including a story mode.
  • • Special options and a reward system that allow you to earn new items and become stronger.
  • • Over 1000 original frames of oldschool pixel animation. As well as some shoddy game art.


For more information on Survivor-The Living Dead go to http://www.radicalendeavors.com/Site/Survivor_Here.htm