Conquest: Divide and Conquer is a simultaneous turn-based strategy game developed by Proxy Studios.

The main goal in Conquest is to Conquer 75% of all the cities on the map or hold the most amount of cities when a set amount of turns is reached. In order to do so you must utilise the three combat units: Soldiers, Tanks and Bombers as well as the two special units: Nuclear missiles and Satellites. The combat units work in a Rock-Paper-Scissors system (Soldiers are good against Bombers, Bombers are good against tanks and tanks are good against soldiers), however the terrain on the map can influence the balance (Forests give a combat bonus to Soldiers, while tanks receive a penalty on their combat ability).

Combining the units into one balanced squad yields the best results.

At the start of each game you are given three satellites and three drop pods (containing tanks and soldiers), you must use these to conquer cities to produce more units (Bigger cities produce units faster). The building of units is all automated which allows more focus on the warfare. Combat is fast and easy to pick up (Even without  the help of the short unhelpful tutorial) and seems to follow the “Easy to learn, hard to master” motto (Just drag and drop units to where you want them to go).

Red VS Blue

Unfortunately the game lacks a campaign of any sort and only focuses on quick skirmishes which it accomplishes well, but this means no unit or city progression is present in the game play.

This is definitely a good, fun, quick game and has a lot of shine that other indie developers seem to forget to add. So gather your friends and your foes and start your Conquest!



Balanced game play.

Very Easy to pick up and play.

Game is polished very well.

Background music is epic.



No campaign.

No unit or city progression (No level ups or research).



Intuitive, Deep, Balanced Game play

  • Three distinct unit, operation and terrain types make for easy to understand, intuitive mechanics.
  • Studying a manual is not necessary as all important information is displayed on the fly.
  • The refined production and battle algorithms take care of things getting too simple and offer a challenge even for hardcore players. Combine units together for interesting effects.

Simultaneous and Fast Turns

  • No slow, multiple hour long games of research and building.
  • Experience fast turns with automatized production, allowing you to fully focus on commanding your troops. Expect a single match to last about 30 minutes.
  • Simultaneous turns means that you will never have to wait for other players to act, while also adding another level of depth. “Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster.” – Sun Tzu

Randomly Generated Maps

  • Endless replay ability with each match requiring different strategies and bringing you a new experience.
  • Conquer beautiful arctic, desert, and tropical worlds.

Competitive and Cooperative Online Play

  • Play online against your friends, with your friends, or participate in ladder and tournament matches.
  • Experience unprecedented mind games in competitive play. No random rolls that will hinder your superiority.
  • Advance in rank and collect achievements.
  • Track your statistics.


For more information about Conquest: Divide and Conquer or to try the demo for the game go to