Desktop Dungeons is a compacted free roguelike game made by QCF Design.

Desktop Dungeons is like every other roguelike but with a twist. Unlike every other roguelike where you need to play for hours upon hours  to finish you only need to play for 5-15 minutes to complete a level.

My names dislekcia not dyslexia!

In every game you begin with a level one character of your choice and the main objective of the game is to beat the dungeon boss. To do so requires strategy as you can kill everything then decide go for the boss but you will fail miserably. Each race, class and god you worship have different areas they specialise in and you must utilise these strengths to overcome the dungeon. Some specialise in melee combat but if you also worship a god who loves war but decide to cast a spell then prepare for retribution. Gods are a double-bladed sword, they are very helpful but if you do something they dislike you will be harshly punished.

Killing higher level opponents nets better benefits than those of the same or lower level.

I am Wizard the dark blue once known as Wizard the light blue.

Upon completing  a level you may unlock: New modes to play in, New classes, More items etc. This brings a lot of Replayability into the game and as it is an easy game to pick up and play you can come back after months and continue where you left off without having to relearn all the controls again.

Dungeons are randomly generated so you may find some games where you cannot complete because your only way forwards is blocked by a level 9 monster with no alternative but to start again. It doesn’t happen often but it can be an annoyance.

Dungeons is a free roguelike that can be played on a coffee break and is an easy game to pick up and play (Even those who are new to the genre). This is definatly a good place to start if you are interested in getting into roguelike games.



Plenty of Replayability

Can be played in 5-15 min.

Easy to pick up and play.

Lots of unlockables.



Make a wrong move and you my have to restart.

Some Dungeons can be unfair.


  • Fight your way through a fantasy dungeon in 10 minutes or less
  • Classic roguelike play re-imagined as a single-screen puzzle game
  • Unlock loads of classes, races and challenge dungeons for awesome replayability
  • Online leaderboard allows you to compare yourself against other players
  • Deep, challenging, randomly-generated gameplay

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