Octodad is third person  2011 Independent Games Festival Student Showcase finalist game, developed by students at DePaul University in Chicago.

Octodad is one of those games that doesn’t take itself seriously but it instead pokes fun at itself.

The main goal of Octodad is to complete a set of goals while keeping your true identity a secret. Gameplay involves completing a set of tasks for your family(So you can build a manikin). The tasks you have to complete all make use of the quirky controls(All movement is done with the mouse). Tasks involve stealing a teddy bear to cleaning out the fridge, while these may sound like standard tasks they certainly are not for Octodad!

The controls take a bit to get used to and at times (such as going up stairs) they can be a pain.

Gameplay is split up with some funny and interesting cut scenes that blend in with the games atmosphere.

Octodad is a free game and I recommend checking it out. The game is very short but it’s free and the humour makes up for it’s short gameplay.



Very funny.

Unique gameplay.

It’s a frickin Octopus dad!



Too short.

Frustrating controls at times (Especially going up stairs!).



  • Control Octodads limbs with the mouse and keyboard.
  • Complete tasks for Octodads family while trying not to raise suspicion on what you truly are.
  • Well drawn hilarious cinematic.

For more information go to http://www.octodadgame.com/index.php.