APOX is an RTS (Real Time Strategy) game with FPS (First Person Shooter) elements thrown in. It is developed by BLUEGIANT Interactive.

The basic premise of this game and basically all RTS games is to “Crush your enemies and see them driven before you” (Ah Conan the Barbarian).

You have four modes to do this in. Single player, Missions, CO-OP and Multiplayer. There is a long tutorial that I feel could have been much shorter, if everything was done on one map, and not split up into many pieces, but it does teach you how to play the game fairly well.

Most of your time will be spent in single player, CO-OP and multiplayer as there are only four basic missions to do.

All units in the game are presented in a post apocalyptic way (Nothing shiny. Everything is gritty), which really brings the atmosphere to life. The game also brings first person elements into the fray (Units crouch & prone, Ammo, Fuel is needed for vehicles). All these elements are streamlined for the player in dealing with certain situations (Fuel is automatically shared, Units automatically go prone when under heavy fire).

Units can also strafe to better positions at your command (with your directions) while still attacking (In a lot of other games they will simply stop attacking and move to where you click).  They can also take ammo, fuel and weapons from downed enemies All this brings a lot of life into the game, as it helps bring a more realistic feel to the game.

I would walk ten thousand miles and I would walk then thousand more!

The game is more suited for larger battles than smaller ones as smaller ones feel like a typical RTS while larger 32 player ones are explosive and the action is non stop. The game units are also fairly balanced they each have their strengths and weaknesses. AI enemies also do a good job (they run around your buildings cone of fire, attack from distances and attack in numbers), but they only really pose a challenge on the hardest difficulty.

APOX is explosive to play and both casual gamers and hardcore RTS gamers should be able to get into this title. So if you are an RTS fan bored of SC2 and want something else to play take a look into APOX.


Captures the Post apocalyptic atmosphere.

Streamlined ammo & fuel sharing.

Large patch coming out.

Lots of maps.

Maps seem to be balanced.

Can play very large games with a large group of people.

Large games are really fun.


Clan support and stats.


KHANS! (hehehe Cons)

Have to join a server to play non multiplayer games.

Not many missions.

No Aussie servers currently.

Needs more death animations.

Pathfinding issues.



  • FPS-like tactics including prone, taking cover, limited ammo, weapon drops
  • 8 Combat Training Missions
  • 100 Scrimmage Maps
  • Massive games with up to 32 players
  • Play against AI-controlled bots in single player or co-op mode
  • Play against humans in versus mode
  • Internet matchmaking lobby, clans, ratings, and stat tracking


For more information on APOX go to http://www.apoxgame.com/