Atom Zombie Smasher is a zombie apocalypse RTS (real time strategy)  game made by Blendo games. The graphics are mostly in dot form!

Don’t let the graphics fool you into thinking this is a cheap unfinished game as it’s not. The graphics actually suit the game.

So Many zombies!








The overall goal of the game is basically a point race against zombies to see who can reach the set score. Points are gained  in two ways: Firstly, a set amount from each territory that you control, and secondly, from your performance on each mission.

Missions are where the meat of the gameplay is. There are two types of missions. Evacuate missions (where you try to get as many people onto “Da Chopper”), and Attack missions (where you have to eliminate all zombies before nightfall). You are given a wide selection of units to accomplish these missions but can only take 4-5 random units in at a time depending on your gameplay settings.

Early on you are mostly tasked with rescue missions, but later on you will have to attack overridden cities to catch up to the zombies points. Attack missions aren’t as fun as defence missions, largely due to the introduction of the random squad mechanic which can lead to bad squads being formed.

A default game can be finished in one sitting, but the game has lots of replay value to it. Units can be upgraded and scientists can be saved to help research better technology, but the game does lack depth in the area of a long-term unit progression (Research is capped at four for each upgrade). This isn’t really a flaw as the game plays more like a tower defence game first and then an action RTS second. The tower defence aspects come into play with your initial placement of your forces on the mission map, the actions RTS comes from moving units to protect the human populous as the run for the “Da Choppa!” (That never gets old), while zombies close in from all sides.

The action can get intense sometimes as you have to meet a quota of people rescued to win a mission. There is a slow down button that helps a lot and is a good addition to the game.

All they wanna do is eat some brains!

There are two different kinds of zombies: big mutant zombies and small zombies. At your disposal there are eight types of human soldiers they all have their uses, but some of them don’t work well without the right counterpart unit. Zed bait is effective with Dynamite, (You can lure zombies into the dynamite), but without Dynamite it’s only use is to distract zombies every 30 seconds by default (Missions last under 2 minutes).

The game is fun and addictive in short bursts and with mod support the game has a bright future. If you are a zombie fan I suggest you try the demo even if you don’t like the look of the game. What have you got to lose?



Graphics suit the game.

Fun addictive gameplay.

Lots of gameplay settings to mess around with.



Mod support should bring more into the game.

Fun in short bursts.



Default difficulty is too hard.

Random elements of the game can sometimes be a pain.

Not so fun in long playthroughs.



  • Mercenaries for hire: Hire and upgrade your ragtag group of snipers, demolition teams, orbital bombardment crews, and more.
  • No two cities are the same: Cities are procedurally-generated, giving a unique experience with each playthrough.
  • Destructible environments: Yes, you can blow absolutely everything up.
  • Play with friends: Up to three people can cooperatively play together.
  • Mod support: Modify the game rules however you like, and share your mods through the Online File Share.

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