Rogue Survivor is a (dare I say it) Roguelike zombie RPG developed by roguedjack of the Facepunch and Rogue Temple communities.

The basic goal of Rogue Survivor is to (sigh) survive a zombie apocalypse as best you can while also trying to achieve hidden goals within the game world.

Gameplay is like any typical roguelike game: Open world sand box gameplay, permanent death and last of all turn based gameplay (with sometimes confusing controls).

The game starts you off by chosing race ‘human’ or ‘undead’ a male or female (for human) and then a starting skill. You are then placed into a city about to be invaded by a zombie horde but never fear a tutorial is here, (yeah that was lame). The tutorial does a good job teaching you the basics of the game, and because the game is turn based you can take your time in choosing what you do.

You have three bars to look after during your gameplay as a human these are: Health, Food and Sleep. Neglecting any one of these stats will lead to death.

Gameplay is fun and addictive as you begin to understand the mechanics of the game and dying can also be fun as you learn from your mistakes.

The food and sleep bars are both good additions to the game as it prevents one from barricaded the nearest store for weeks on end (or in other words camping). You are forced out of your house (barricaded with fridges and wooden fortifications) and into the zombie infested streets. Zombies aren’t ‘t your only obstacle in survival as you have to lead, follow, trade and sometimes fight with others to survive. The human NPCs are all trying to survive, and if they’re starving and notice you have food, then you’d better be prepare to fight or run as they will attack you.


Every Night you survive, you get to pick a random skill. Character progression is there but feels somewhat lacking.

I mentioned you could play as a zombie.  Being a zombie plays a bit different as it does a human ( Brains!). You can’t talk or use items and your only goal is sweet juicy brains.  Getting a zombie to follow seems to be random, sometimes they just go off on their own as you head into a military compound, to find out you’re by yourself with no back up. Whether you can somehow interact with them to always follow I never found out.

Take note the game is in alpha.

In the end the game is pretty fun for an alpha just like another indie game was in alpha (Minecraft for those of you who didn’t guess).

You crashed your car into my store!



Gameplay is fun.

Surviving as a zombie / Surviving a zombie invasion.

Can change game settings (how many zombies etc).


Instanced maps.

Not finished.

Level up seems lacking.

Need different zombie types.

Basic features in the game so far

Survive in the city

  • Play as living or undead.
  • Survive the zombies!… and the humans.
  • The undeads get stronger every day.
  • Find food and shelter… but you’re not alone.
  • Reincarnate when you die and continue playing as another character.
  • Graphic tiles, mouse support and musics.

Interact with NPCs

  • Fight raiding gangs.
  • AI controlled survivors are trying to survive just like you.
  • Trade with other survivors.
  • Lead a band of survivors.
  • Get help from the National Guard.
  • Commit murders…
  • …but watch out for the police.
  • …and of course beware the undeads.

A dynamic game world

  • A dynamic procedural world.
  • A city with different districts, buildings, sewers and subway.
  • Push or destroy objects, build barricades.
  • Day/Night cycle.
  • Weather.
  • Things happen all the time, the world is not waiting for you.

Get tools, skills and friends

  • Learn skills by surviving to see a new sunrise.
  • Scavenge items and barricading material.
  • Various weapons and items.
  • Get followers and turn them into useful buddies.

The game is currently in Alpha 6 and is free to play. Go ahead and try it.

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